The Oliver White Hill Foundation is a 501(c)(3) which supports a national agenda of social justice, education, and awareness.  Our friends, leaders, and supporters are those who see the world as a place where people unite, stand and believe in fairness and equality – across the globe, throughout our nation, in our communities, and in our homes.

Facing real-world issues begins with commitment and vision. For more 100 years, Oliver White Hill stood as an example of what commitment and vision could do.

Since 2000, his Foundation has worked with community partners to further his vision that helped young people live up to their potential and that young adults have access to opportunities.

Further, the Foundation serves as stewards of Mr. Hill’s name and legacy. As a result, name and likeness garner the halls of courthouses, government buildings, colleges and universities, and community centers. Ask us about naming opportunities.

From literacy and exposure to educational opportunities, we are always working to better our nation and as a result our world, and we stay committed to Mr. Hill’s vision for America, a land of access, fairness and equality for all.