In October 2000, the Oliver White Hill Foundation, a 501(c)3 whose goal was to carry on the unfinished work of Mr. Hill and his associates in the field of civil rights, was established.  The primary focus of the Foundation has been to foster educational opportunities for young people interested in social justice. The Foundation has supported various programs and initiatives geared toward exposing youth to the law, legal profession and civil rights.

The Oliver White Hill Foundation’s inaugural Board included the Honorable Katherine Strickland of Roanoke, Virginia, who served as chair of the Board. Other inaugural members of the Board of Directors were Cabell Brand, of Salem; Oliver W. Hill, Jr., of Richmond; Esther Vassar, of Newport News; Alice Roberts, of Roanoke; Martin Jeffrey, of Roanoke; Norine Dunnaville, and Clarence Dunnaville.  Other notable past members of the Board are the Honorable Jennifer McClellan, Attorney Jimmy Robinson, Ramona Leigh Taylor, Esq. and Executive Director-Emeritis NAACP LDF, Elaine Jones.

Mr. J. Maurice Hopkins serves as the president of the Oliver White Hill Foundation. Mr. Hopkins is a retired businessman with over 45 years of wholesale/retail merchandising and marketing experience. He was the founder, C.E.O./President of Merchandise Sales Corporation a Consumer Products Sales and Marketing firm. He has served as an executive at the former Best Products Company, Inc. here in Richmond, VA and the Sam Solomon Company, Inc. in Charleston, SC. He has served as a Board member for Applica, Inc. a NYSE small appliance manufacturer and Black & Decker franchisee located in Miramar, Fl. And, he has operated the Virginia ARC Thrift Stores, Inc. as the C.E.O./Principal Executive Managing Director.

Since his retirement he continues to focus his attention on being a community advocate. He was instrumentally involved with the erection of the Maggie L. Walker Statue Plaza in downtown Richmond, an involved ExPRT Team and Master Plan member of the Historic Evergreen Cemetery, an advocate for the Boulevard name change to Arthur Ashe, Jr. and has continued to be engaged with the Lumpkin’s Jail Project in Shockoe Bottom.  And, has been a outspoken activist about the relocation of the Arthur Ashe, Jr. statue and the Confederate Statues on Monument Avenue here in our Capital City. He serves as a VIA Heritage Association member and is the C.E.O/President of the Maggie L. Walker High School ALUMNI “Mass Classes” Association and is engaged with several other Richmond community-based organizations.

The Oliver White Hill Foundation Board currently consist of the following members. J. Maurice Hopkins, Chairman/President (Merchandise Sales Corporation), Kenneth Jones, Co-Chairman/Vice President (Prestige Construction), Anita Coleman Wynn, Secretary/Treasurer (Virginia State University), Jonathan Stubbs, Esq. (University of Richmond), William Fritzhugh, Esq. (Rowe, Rosen and Fritzhugh) and Joseph Chambers, (Integrum Benefits).