Ramona L. Taylor, Esquire President, OWHF

Thank you for visiting the Oliver White Hill Foundation website. I hope that the information you find here will inspire you to support our efforts in fostering awareness of and projects that further the legacy of Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and civil rights attorney, Oliver White Hill, Sr.

Each year, the call for social justice and support to our communities goes out. And each year, the Oliver White Hill Foundation does its part to answer.  Through the work of many in the Oliver Hill Mentorship Program, for Oliver Hill Day, and through various other Hill-related projects and events, young people are afforded access to educational opportunities and access to life-improving resources.

The Foundation has contributed to public interest internship/externship stipends, encouraged at-risk youth to use their talents through art, and has been part of an ABA recognized workshop which promotes writing excellence for middle and high school students.  And, our hope is to do much more.

This Foundation exists to make a difference in the lives of citizens, young and old, who believe in the causes of justice, fairness, and opportunity.  I am encouraged when I hear the stories from people impacted by Mr. Hill or one of the programs that bears his name.  This is one of the reasons that I love serving as the Board President of the Oliver White Hill Foundation.

Your philanthropic giving enables the Foundation to provide much-needed student-focused, programmatic, and financial support. This support often makes the difference between adequate and optimum outcomes and can bridge the gap from hopelessness to hopefulness.  Visit our Partnership and Programs page to learn about the Foundation’s various collaborative relationships.

Your interest in the Oliver White Hill Foundation and your understanding of the need for support is deeply appreciated. Please feel free to contact us if you seek more information, have questions or want to be a part of our efforts of helping to “weave” dreams.

Take care.

Ramona L. Taylor, Esquire